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How to Create a Better Team

How to Create a Better Team

Professional speaker, trainer and contributing author to Inc, Forbes Entrepreneur Business Insider and Huffington Post, Gordon Tredgold has simple action steps that produce great results and help companies all over the world create and build better teams.  The former rugby player originally from Leeds in the North of England shared four basic tips to create a healthier working environment and successful company. Below is a quick overview:

Praise More
Even the smallest of recognition can have a major impact on the people who receive it. Gordon encourages leaders to incorporate positive verbal reinforcement “model to increase the impact of praise by making the praise public, recognizing their contribution, being authentic, giving praise immediately not waiting for an annual review or a monthly newsletter.” He is a strong believer approval can help boost an employee’s self-esteem and the best thing about praise is that it “costs absolutely nothing.”

Talk More
The leadership expert, Gordon, reminds us to communicate corporate goals, company performance, company’s performance against goals and do this regularly. He has said leaders need to help employees “understand the purpose and importance of what they are doing, and if possible, why it should be important to them. The more people understand what they have to do, and why, the higher the probability that they will be successful.” Employees should not fear management as fear kills growth.

Listen More
Gordon said, “when you listen more, you show your teams respect, you show that you value them and their opinion. All of which helps build trust and respect for you as a leader.” The executive coach encourages upper management to take time to listen to those on the front lines as they often know more than the managers about what is going on and where issues need to be addressed. In a nutshell, listening to your staff makes them feel more involved and an involved staff is a committed one.

Lastly, yet another tip that does not cost anything and can be good for one’s health too! By smiling, Gordon prompts us to “create a more positive atmosphere which will result in a more positive attitude in both yourself and in your teams.”
He encourages employees at any level of management to smile at everyone, from the “cleaning staff, security, everyone, not just your direct reports or your boss.” According to Gordon, “make smiling an authentic part of who you are.”
The leadership expert has based his success on developing simple plans, which are easy to understand and thus has create highly engaged and empowered teams.

In closing, we hope you can incorporate these four simple tips into your management style and help your organization achieve remarkable results.

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