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Brain Food for Meetings & Events

Meeting and event planners of today are now challenged to coordinate creative, delicious “brain food,” that offer essential nutrients to counteract mistakes, stress and low productivity…..which are not the perfect recipe for a successful business meeting.

Brain fare should include a super food shopping list of fresh local ingredients with little or no processing.  Gone are the cookies and brownie breaks replaced with veggies, hummus, trail mix bars and build your own smoothies.

Arlene Semeco, former Olympian and a registered dietitian and certified sports nutritionist, suggests a variety of foods that can give any meeting attendee more energy and maybe boost memory too.

Bananas or strawberries:  Bananas are an excellent source of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6, all of which can help boost energy levels.  The antioxidants in strawberries may help fight fatigue

Eggs:  Packed with protein, eggs provide a steady, sustained source of energy and don’t cause spikes in blood sugar when digested

Wild salmon or tuna:  Both provide terrific source of the omega-3 oil DHA.  DHA stimulate the growth of brain cells in the brain’s memory center

Brown Rice:   Cooked brown rice includes minerals that help enzymes break down carbohydrates and proteins to generate energy

Oatmeal and Quinoa:  Oatmeal is a whole-grain providing long-lasting energy.  Even though quinoa is high in carbohydrates, it is slowly absorbed and can provide a sustained energy release

Don’t despair!  There are variety of brain foods, packed with protein and carbs, that can help boost energy and increase stamina.  Planners, work with food and beverage managers to incorporate above options and you’ll be on your way to for a healthy diet as well as a a successful meeting or event.

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